Who we are?
The name you know already – Electro Comp System. Serving the Information Technology industry for 8-long years we justified our entity authorizing core features of this industry. Widening our abilities we journeyed from Software Development, Website Design, Website Development, Hosting solutions, Hardware Service & Support, Networking and so on. Precisely, we are a system that incorporates IT solutions. Once you get in touch with us, you will find your worries for IT related problem being fading away.

What we do?
Almost everything you need. First, Hardware Service & Support – this is most important because you might end with a futile effort without your system being off and running. Second, Computer Networking – in this age of technology everything needs to get inter-connected so do computers. Third, Software Development – to make your operation organized you need something coherent and here enters software. Fourth is Web Service – as world comes within our reach through internet so does web industry. Apart from this, we train students – our professionals make them ready for the race, to have the faith to face the music.

Why we are?
In a nutshell, state-of-the-art solutions for IT related issues are what you would need under one roof. So meet us to meet success for most of your needs and they are reasonably accessible and inexpensive, too. With us, you are sure of highest quality standard while prompt customer support helps us to reach a rich clientele across the world. Try us and you will simply love the service.